Weekly Wrap Up: Are We On Vacation Yet?!

Every year since my children were young, we’ve schooled through the summer with a unit study, and in December we take some time off and do light school with a Christmas themed unit study.  I had the same planned for this December.  We’ve begun our Christmas Around the World unit study.  But, I’ve learned some things:

1. My preteens are not as thrilled about unit studies any more.  They are good sports for the most part, but attitudes and general goofiness got the best of us this week.
2. We can’t do all the fun things I’d like to do in December AND do all the school I’d like to do in December.  Something has to give.
3.  Sometimes no matter how much time and energy I’ve put into planning something, we just have to take a deep breath and step back and reevaluate.

Monday: We plugged through some more of our lapbook.  This was the day of the great breakdown.  It was perhaps not so great a mom moment when one of my children announced, “I think I heard you yell two times now this week, Mom.”  Gulp. We did end up with better attitudes all around at the end of a discussion.

Tuesday and Wednesday: We headed off to Great Wolf Lodge with my parents and some good friends.  It was homeschool week and Snowland.  We love Great Wolf Lodge, and we had a good time!

Thursday: On Thursday I went into a panic mode.  I realized how much I actually had left to do before this weekend- our first Christmas get together.  I did have a nice lunch with my sister, but then I headed of to crazy land and not much school was accomplished.

Friday: This was our last Fun Friday co-op before Christmas break.  The kids had a book exchange, and everyone had a really good time hanging out with friends this last day.  Friday evening I delivered cookies we had made to the Women’s Warming Shelter, and the big kids went to a middle school choir party for church.

I hadn’t been around my computer until later Friday afternoon, so I was shocked when Jason came home and told me about the shooting in Connecticut.  My heart goes out this weekend to the families that lost their loved ones- especially so close to the holidays.  It almost made me so grateful for homeschooling and the fact that I get to spend time with my kids every single day.  Even on a week like this one when I might have visions of the big yellow bus pulling up and taking them all away, I would trade this time for the world.
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