Weekly Wrap Up: A New Camera and VACATION

I just have to point out as I begin that the world did not end as the Mayans predicted.  Is anyone surprised?  One of the cutest things I saw was when a Facebook friend posted this morning: “It’s the end of the world as we know it… And I feel fine.”  And, yes, the song was stuck in my head all day.

I am beyond thrilled about two things this week.  1. We are officially on Christmas break.  2. I got a new camera!  Yep, we finished up our Christmas Around the World lapbooks (which went much better this week after our little “Come to Jesus” meeting last week).  And I used some of my birthday/Christmas money to get a new camera (which I’ve needed for quite a while).  Thus the cute little collage with all of our pictures from the week.

Monday: We studied Christmas in France.  After lunch our science group came over.  It’s been a habit the last couple of years that we have them over to make small “gingerbread” houses from graham crackers and icing and candy.  This year we made trees instead using ice cream cones, icing, and candy.  Here’s the picture from Pinterest.  As you can tell from the collage, ours didn’t turn out quite the same way.  But everyone had lots of fun making them.

Tuesday: We studied Christmas in Israel- the Christian traditions and Hanukkah.  We also made some goodies-snack mix, chocolate dipped pretzels, and fudge.  I sent some of it to work with Jason, but we kept some to eat ourselves.  On Tuesday evening, Ashlyne had the first of two nights of Christmas program for gymnastics.

Wednesday- I had a very early doctor’s appointment and Kathryne spent the afternoon with Grandmommy. So we didn’t do lapbooks, but the kids did do grammar/phonics and math.  In the afternoon, we headed to the church to do church mice.  It is a yearly tradition that we are church mice in December.  In our church, church mice have the roll of coming in quietly during the week to pick up trash in the pews, sharpen pencils, and refill visitor cards and envelopes.  We like to do it in December because the sanctuary looks so nice decorated.

Thursday- We finished up our lapbooks by studying the Philippines.  We saved it for last since James, the child we sponsor through Compassion, lives there.  Kathryne and Charles finished up a grammar and math unit with tests.  And Ashlyne had another gymnastics program in the evening.

Friday– Today I had to get up and take Ashlyne to the gym for practice, so I used the time while she was there to finish up some Christmas shopping and to take food to the library for the Food for Fines program.  For the month of December every can good/ non perishable item takes .25 off of your fines; and the items go to several local charities.  Wouldn’t you know that I went with a good many items only to find out that I had no fines.  No library fines for us is a miraculous event in itself.  I was so overcome with good tidings that I left all the food to donate anyway!

Tonight we had our Christmas Number 2- dinner and dessert with my parents.  Kathryne was so pleased with her new ipod dock and headphones (not earbuds mind you).  Charles was beside himself over a new soda machine he’s been eyeing for quite a while in Target.  And Ashlyne and Rachel were surrounded by Barbies and accessories.

Next week and part of the first week of January will be break time for us.  I’ll use some of the time to firm up some lesson plans.  And then we will hit the ground running in the New Year.

I’m linked to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers this week.

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