What Did We Do In 2012?


I love the fading of one year into another.  It’s leaving the old year and turning over a blank page- so much potential, so much possibility.  I like to look through the passing year and see what we did and think about what the new year holds.  So here goes:

January: We started off the New Year with a bang, spending the night with Jason’s brother and family as we do each New Year’s Eve.  There were many fireworks shot off, and we wondered as always if this would be the year we needed to call 911.

In all things blogging, I participated in a virtual curriculum fair.  It was a good time to reflect on what was working in our homeschool and what wasn’t.

I set some goals for the New Year.  I won’t reveal how I did in meeting those goals.  That could be another post altogether.

In January I also started another season of reading through the Bible in 90 days.  Kathryne read along with me.  It was her second time reading through.

February: We hosted our traditional annual Valentines Day party with friends old and new.  The kids always love having other homeschoolers over to play, make craft, and exchange valentines.

March: In March we hosted a mini science fair for our small homeschool science group.  We’ve done science with this group of friends from our church for several years now, but this was our first science fair.  The kids did a good job using the scientific method to answer questions.

April: In April I changed the name of my blog to better reflect our homeschooling journey.  

The kids all participated in our church choir program.  

We helped out with a spring festival to raise money for our local Children’s Attention Home, a home for children in crisis situations.  

In our science group we did some plant related experiments.  

Charles and Kathryne both won the Timothy Award in our church’s AWANA program this year and received the awards in our closing program at the end of April.

May: In May we went to homeschool days at Great Wolf Lodge. We’ve been doing homeschool days with Great Wolf for the past few years.  It’s become one of our favorite vacations.  We especially love to go with friends!  

At the end of May, Kathryne, Charles, and Ashlyne participated in Kidshine again.  I helped to coordinate again, and we were able to do it at our church.  That was nice for me. 

We took off most of May from school as we had finished up our “school year.”

June: In June, Rachel was on the Y summer swim team.  She really enjoyed this low key, less competitive swimming team, and she learned quite a bit about different strokes. She ended up staying on the swim club through October.

We did do school through most of June.  Everyone had some math to finish up, and we did some reading together.

July: In July, we celebrated Kathryne and Rachel’s birthdays (July 21 and August 9).

We went on our annual beach trip with Jason’s family to North Myrtle Beach.  A highlight of our beach trip this year was that Ashlyne had her ears pierced.  She had saved up her money to do it.

Charles and Jason took their second trip to Cleveland with the sports group of our church to lead a football clinic for inner city kids and to serve in a homeless mission.

We also had our church’s annual VBS.  This year’s theme was Sky.  Kathryne and Charles both helped with the younger classes this year.

August: August is the start of our new “school year.” This year Kathryne is an 8th grader.  Charles is a 7th grader.  Ashlyne is a 3rd grader.  And Rachel is a 2nd grader.
Ashlyne was able to go to the Thomas Gymnastics banquet in August this year because she is a team member on the Bronze prep op team this year.

September: In September, we were participating in Ladies Bible Study again.  This is a Bible study group at a local church that offers activities for homeschool kids while we moms fellowship and study the Bible.

Kathryne and my mom participated in Narroway this fall.  Narroway is a Christian Broadway- style theater near us.  She and my mom were in a production called The Fourth Cross.  They had lots of fun, but Kathryne decided that the schedule was hard, and she didn’t continue.  She still may back for a different production.

October:  In October I took a job at the gym working in after school care.  My job was to be short lived because the physical toll was just too much.  My fibromyalgia has gotten progressively worse this year.  I’m now seeing a pain specialist.  My next step is to change my diet after the first of the year to try to eliminate gluten.

For Halloween, we trick or treated with friends in my sister’s neighborhood- an annual tradition.

October also marked the first two of Ashlyne’s gymnastics meets.  She placed first in her age group in both.

November: November began a busy holiday season.  Ashlyne had a big meet here in Rock Hill- the meet sponsored by our gym each year. She won 2nd in her age group.

Charles started playing basketball.  He’s never really had an interest in it since he played as a kindergartner, but he is finding that he really enjoys it.

For Thanksgiving we had lunch with my family and supper with Jason’s family at the fire station in Mt. Holly, NC.  I didn’t go Black Friday this year.  I just didn’t think I could handle it physically.  I actually did most of our shopping online this year.  It was nice to miss the crowds.

December: This month has been filled with holiday things- church children’s choir program; decorating edible trees with our science group; making our annual gingerbread houses; the Jesse Tree and a Christmas Around the World unit for school; and Ashlyne’s Christmas show at the gym.

So we turn the page on this year and head into a new year with a blank page.

You can read more year end posts at The Old Schoolhouse blog cruise, so “cruise on over” and check them out.  Ha Ha.

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