Bringing It All Back Together

Some time ago I decided to separate my blogs and have a homeschooling blog and a general blog that would have information about homemaking and Bible study and other general things. I named the new blog, I’m Livin My Dream. I renamed my original blog, our homeschool blog, As We Walk Along the Road to reflect our family’s philosophy of teaching and child rearing from Deuteronomy 6:7.

I’ve come to realize, however, that our life truly is our school.  And I find it hard to separate what we are doing with school with everything else in our lives.

As some of my readers know, I also have recently had the opportunity to begin blogging with The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew to blog about homeschool products.  So I want my blog to be as complete as possible in order to best serve the homeschool community that will read and benefit from the reviews.

With that, I am going to drop I’m Livin’ My Dream and merge the two blog again.  I will still be keeping Leah’s Good Reads where I post book reviews.  I do quite of few of those frequently, so I want to have a separate place for those posts.

Many of you already follow As We Walk Along the Road.  If you don’t, please head over there, and follow us.  I look forward to staying an active part of the wide world of homeschool bloggers there.

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