Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 4- Seeking Beauty: The Arts and Everything That Brings Beauty to Our World

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This is final week of the Virtual Curriculum Fair at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds.  I’ve enjoyed sharing what we are doing this year as well as seeing the resources that others like.

I’ve used a great variety of resources to cover the arts over our years of homeschooling.  I guess my philosophy here has been to cover lots of things very shallowly. I want my kids to at least by exposed to a variety of things.

As I’ve mentioned before, I use the Simply Charlotte Mason website for suggestions for curriculum choices for each year.  From that site, I’ve gotten some very good ideas for studying Shakespeare, hymns, poetry, art, and music.

We are reading “real” Shakespeare this year after a few years of reading the story versions.  We began with Macbeth last semester and are starting A Comedy of Errors this semester.  I am using the No Fear Shakespeare versions because they have the original language and the modern English side by side.  This works well for us because we take turns reading together, and this way younger children can read the modern English while the rest of us read the original. I also use online Cliff’s Notes, and we found the animated Shakespeare channel on YouTube- although my children say they’re scarred from watching animated Macbeth.

For art, sometimes we do a basic picture study.  I often just choose an artist and look up their work online to discuss.  Right now I’m actually using an art book, however, because the kids wanted to actually “do” art not just study it.  So I found this Art And Artists Through the Centuries book that takes a look at different artists or art time periods and then gives the kids a project to do.

We have also done a variety of things for music.  One of our favorites is still Classics for Kids.  It’s an amazing, amazing free website.  I also found this book, The Story of the Orchestra,  that is really great and has a CD with music tracks as well as cute descriptions of composers and musical time periods.

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