Weekly Wrap Up: And We're Back

I was soooo ready to get back into a routine (and I had some great new things to try), so we jumped fearlessly back into school on Wednesday.  The kids weren’t quite as excited as I was, but they had (mostly) good attitudes, and we ended up with a good 1/2 a week.

I was happy to have our schedules back in working order.

Maybe the kids weren’t quite as excited to see their assignment sheets.  

We started off our Bible time this week reading notes in our Sparkle Box.  This is our box we kept over the Christmas season to write about things we did for others.  We had intended to read it on Christmas Day, but many good intentions go awry, and we forgot.

One of the new things I was excited about was the copywork from Schoolhouse Teachers.  I love the copywork with lines- even for the big kids -because I think they to take time to make sure letters are being formed correctly.  I think this is an area I’ve let slip, and I hope we can improve with the use of this copywork.
I also incorporated the spelling from Schoolhouse Teachers for the older kids.  Ashlyne already does spelling with Horizons, and Rachel is still going through intensive phonics with ABEKA, but I think Kathryne and Charles need to brush up on some basic spelling.
Ashlyne, Rachel, and I started back with daily math meetings and worked on greater than/less than.

Today we started our new art curriculum and discussed Aboriginal Art and made our own rock art.

Charles had an experiment in science today, and we were lacking some materials.  Thank goodness for Youtube where I can often find science experiment videos.

It’s not been all work.  Charles has been enjoying a cartoon drawing book from the library.  This is an intermediate stage of his drawing.

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