Weekly Wrap Up: Krispy Kreme, Keyboards, Co-op and Birthdays

Even though we started back to school last week, this week officially felt like we were back in the swing of things.

In all things school:

History-We are learning about the history of Israel from the time of the Exodus through the time of the kings. We’re studying within that some information about trade routes and about the structure of the kingdom.

Literature- Kathryne is plodding along in Wuthering Heights.  It wasn’t good that she had just started it before Christmas break and didn’t pick it up again until we started back.  She’s beginning to understand it better, though, and is really more interested in the story now.

Math- I broke out the math bingo game to practice facts with the younger girls, and all of sudden, the whole crew remembered how fun bingo was and wanted to join in.  So we spent Monday evening playing math bingo.

Co-op- We started back to Fun Friday co-op today.  The older kids are very excited that they are doing yearbook this semester.  They are also continuing with cooking, and I am teaching a history through art class for them.  The younger set are still doing book study and cultures, and they’ve added cooking as their third class.  So we all had a good time back today.

In other news:

Tuesday we had a field trip to Krsipy Kreme.  We’ve loved having a new, local Krispy Kreme (although  I’ll admit it’s not the best thing from a health perspective), so our field trip group headed out for a field trip Tuesday.  The big kids thought it was a little lame, but the free donut at the end made it all worthwhile.

Kathryne has really been wanting to learn to play an instrument.  Unfortunately, instruments are rather pricey, as are lessons, and I’m not sure I want to dabble in instruments until we find a good fit.  But, I’ve long wanted a keyboard too.  When we moved here, we gave up a piano that just wouldn’t fit.  So, we got a keyboard for Kathryne, and I’m going to give her basic lessons to see if she wants to continue and to teach her to read music.

Charles turns 12 tomorrow.  I have another almost teenager.  We celebrated in Fear Factor style tonight with some gross games like Bobbing for Eyeballs, Worm Pie, Baby Food Tasting, Dog Biscuit Race, and Toes of Ice.  I got all of the ideas off of this cool website. We also played some grossology trivia and ate a cat litter birthday cake.

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