Weekly Wrap Up: Snow Days?

It’s been a pretty productive week around here.  Today is an exception.  Co-op was scheduled for today, but we are having a very light sprinkling of sleet/snow/freezing rain.  And here in the sunny south that means that every thing shuts down. We headed home early from co-op and made sure that we stopped at the store for milk and bread.  I assured the kids that we wouldn’t do anything even remotely educational today. After all we must have a snow day.

The rest of the week has been good, and we have gotten a good bit accomplished.

Bible- We’ve been reading through a New Testament overview using The Quest study Bible.  I also discovered the all new Jelly Telly site which requires a monthly membership but which has full episodes of What’s in the Bible.  We discovered Jelly Telly a while back, and I love the What’s in the Bible videos.  So we are taking time once a week to watch that also.  And once a week we are using the Kids of Courage website to talk about the persecuted church around the world.

History– This was was the Phase 4 of our unit which is project week.  This unit has been an overview of the history of Israel from the Promised Land to the Judges to the Kings.  Kathryne chose to do a puppet show production of Gideon.  Charles picked another Minecraft project, constructing a model of the temple.  And Ashlyne and Rachel and I did  a few craft project to go along with the themes.

Science– Kathryne and Charles worked on science fair projects.  We had intended to enter them into a local homeschool science fair, but I didn’t follow through and get the instructions in time, so we didn’t have a full project prepared.  I let them go ahead and do the projects, though, and I think they may choose to use those in the small science fair we do with our small science group in March.  Ashlyne and Rachel and I continued on with the Apologia zoology Flying Creatures book.  I’m reviewing it soon for the TOS Review Crew. This week we took a walk and went on a nature scavenger hunt (even though it was a little cold), and we finished up chapter one with some mini books in our notebook.

In other news, Kathryne lost her last baby tooth this week.  I almost cried.  She lost it last night while I was gone to Charle’s basketball practice and saved it for me and put it on my bed in a ziploc baggie. It’s the ending of an era.
Next week is looking to be our regular busy.  We also have gymnastics meet in Clemson that I think we will all go to as a family.
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