Deeply Loved: An Observance of Lent

I’ve never really observed Lent. I’ve read about others’ observances. Every year about this time, there is much buzz about what to give up for Lent. Even people who don’t really seem to care much for church or God or any other Christian observance seem to find things to give up for Lent.

So, I’ve occasionally wondered- am I missing something? I know the Bible talks about fasting (although it also says we shouldn’t be public about fasting), but I didn’t really know where the idea of Lent came from. I found a great article about the history of Lent on Christianity Today. The concept of Lent is not something expressly commanded in Scripture, but the idea came from a desire to meditate and to prepare oneself for the Easter season.

This year, I came across the book Deeply Loved by Keri Kent Wyatt. It is a forty day devotional designed to guide the reader into a meditation of God’s great love for us during this season of Lent. I have the opportunity to review and comment on a chapter on March 1, but I began using the devotional on Thursday when it arrived in the mail- just a day late for Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season.

So far I am enjoying having this time of deliberate and purposeful reflection. It truly is a benefit to slow down and consider how deep is the love of God for us.

Keri invites readers who are doing the forty day study to interact with other readers in a Facebook group.  I am reading along, and I’m looking forward to posting my chapter review on March 1.

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