The Last of Printer Pix

I wrote about my experiences with the company Printer Pix over the Christmas holiday.  This was my first post, written about my original order of calenders from Printer Pix. And this post detailed my fruitless efforts to get a refund.

Despite Printer Pix’s comments on my second post letting me know I would surely receive a refund, weeks passed with nothing.

Finally I received from Fed Ex another (too small, poorly done) calendar. I’m not sure why. I had told them clearly over and over that I didn’t want another calendar, and I had mailed back the two previous calendars.

At that point I decided to do nothing else. I would just chalk this up to a lesson learned.

And then last week, guess what came in the mail? A refund check from Printer Pix! It was a check for the total amount that I had originally spent. I was in shock.

Thank you, Printer Pix, for finally making it right.

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