Weekly Wrap Up: Almost the End of 2nd Quarter!

This weekend we had snow! It’s a rare occurrence here in the South.

It kept the kids and I home from church on Sunday. So, I used the extra time to write out our third quarter lesson plans. Our second quarter will end the end of February. I’m always super motivated to get moving when I look at what we still need to cover. So, I felt like this was an especially productive week.

Monday was our science club group. The kids were learning about simple machines this week and using formulas to figure out mechanical advantage.

On Tuesday I had an appointment at the pain clinic in the morning. I have been getting trigger point injections for Fibromyalgia. I decided not to go to my Ladies Bible Study after that. I just didn’t think I would feel like sitting anywhere. When I came home, the kids had done a good job getting most of their independent work done. So we were able to work on our together work. I am really enjoying the math program I am reviewing with Ashlyne and Rachel right now. We use it for our daily math meeting, and I feel like they are really getting a better grasp of the concepts of addition and subtraction instead of just memorizing the facts. I will review it here on the blog in the next few weeks.

On Wednesday we had a blessedly calm and normal day. We were able to be super productive. We created a great chart for history comparing ancient Assyria and Babylon to modern Assyria and Babylon. I am continually amazed at all I learn from this history course.

On Thursday we had another productive morning. We did art on Thursday morning. This week we studied the paintings of El Greco and created seasonal paintings in that style. Ashlyne, Rachel, and I worked with the new math program again. They used trays of 10 to study the concept of adding and subtracting to13. The little girls and I also made a model solar system using various objects around the house to show the relative size of the sun and planets.

Today we had our Fun Friday co-op. This has been such a fun co-op. Today we had class pictures! The older kids and their photography class took pictures of each class this morning. They are putting together a yearbook to show our fun times at co-op this year.

This weekend begins a four weekend long streak of gymnastics meets for Ashlyne. It is going to be a busy but fun time. After this week we will head into our 3rd quarter of school. We are in our home stretch into summer.

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