Weekly Wrap Up: And a Gymnastics Competition

It’s been quite a busy week!  From science fun to gymnastics competitions, we’ve done it all this week.
*On Monday, we had science with our science club group.  This month we’ve studied elements, so we took a look at the periodic table, played a game matching the elements with some information about each one, and ate cupcakes arranged as the first six elements from the periodic table.

* Tuesday was a normal school day.  I got a much needed hair cut when Ashlyne was at the gym.
* On Wednesday, all of the kids had dentist appointments.  That always makes for a very busy morning.  But, thankfully all teeth looked good.  Charles has to have four (oh, yes four!) pulled, so I chose to schedule that for another day.
* On Thursday we all went as a family to Ashlyne’s gymnastics meet in Clemson.  I must say they put on a great show, and the meet was probably the most fun meet we’ve attended.  Ashlyne did very well coming home with 1st in All Around again!

* Today I was recovering from riding in the car for 6 hours yesterday.  I’ve learned with fibromyalgia that I will definitely pay for some of the fun things I do.  And long car rides are a sure recipe for more pain.  I slept late and let the kids get up and going without me.  We did do a school day today, but it was somewhat abbreviated.  I posted earlier about Jelly Telly on my post of favorite online resources.  We watched Jelly Telly for Bible today- something I’m trying to do once a week.  Today we watched the What’s in the Bible video for Numbers and Deuteronomy.  I love the funny (sometimes hilarious) characters and the super explanations of the Bible and doctrine.  We learn something every time, and there is always something the kids ask.  Today we had quite the rousing discussion about whether or not God punishing the Israelites by death was a contradiction of His command to not murder.  I love homeschooling because we get to talk about these kinds of thing.
We’re looking forward to Valentines Day here.  I know it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but I love the treats and decorations and partying that go along with it, so we celebrate!
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