Weekly Wrap Up: A Sort of Half Week

It was one of those weeks. I knew when I sat down Sunday to do my lesson plans that it was going to be rather choppy and disrupted. But we had some fun things planned also.

Monday- We did a normal day of school. History is going splendidly, and I (and the kids mostly) still love Diana Waring’s history curriculum. We are reading/listening/learning about the Assyrians and Babylonians in this unit. We filled in our timelines this week. (There is always a timeline for the unit to fill in the main people and dates for that unit.) I am really glad that we can take the time to learn history in depth and not just memorize a list of facts and dates.
Monday evening I took three of the kids to the climbing wall. We have a good one here in town. It is open every other Monday, and for a while we’ve had activities on Monday evening, so we couldn’t go. But our Monday evenings are free for now, so the kids really wanted to go. Kathryne had skills night for volleyball, so she didn’t go. I was surprised at how well they all did because it had been so long. Charles and Ashlyne both made it up the first two walls. Rachel made it about half way up the first one. Charles attempted the third one, but his back- which has been bothering him lately- kept him from keeping on.

Tuesday- We had normal school at the first part of the day. Rachel and Ashlyne have been my guinea pigs for Touch Math, a math program I’m reviewing for the TOS Review Crew. I’m really liking what we are doing so far. (More review is coming, so I’ll keep you posted.) Tuesday school is cut short right now because I am doing Ladies Bible Study. Kathryne went with me to be a helper in child care, and the other three stayed home and finished independent school work.
I played the run like crazy game Tuesday afternoon to get home from Bible Study, get Ashlyne to the gym, make supper,and be ready to eat before Charles had to go to basketball. Whew.
I also got our taxes done and submitted Tuesday night. Do I get bonus points?

Wednesday- We had some new friends over- a new family in our church who are homeschoolers. We visited for the morning and ate lunch together. It was nice to meet some new folks. We had time after that to get some together work and all the independent school work finished before I needed to rest for Wednesday night supper and church.

Thursday- Again, we had just a brief school time in the morning. We actually postponed regular work, and I read two books to the kids for President’s Day. One of them was Abraham’s Journey which I will be reviewing soon for the TOS Crew, and the other was Farmer George Plants a Nation. This was a very well done book about the life of George Washington as a farmer and his years as admiral and president. We discussed both books.
Then we hosted what has become our annual Valentines Day party. Each year we have invited different homeschool families to come over for treats and exchanging valentines. We had four families this year, and the kids had a really good time just playing. The candy and cupcakes and cookies were all a bonus. I can’t believe that I forgot to take pictures!
In the afternoon, we had the children shuffle again- gymnastics for Ashlyne, a doctor’s appointment for Charles to talk about this pain he keeps having in his back (We are referred to an orthopedist.), basketball for Charles, and a trip to Narroway for a special Valentines Day dinner theater for Kathryne and myself.
The Narroway production we watched was Wounded Warrior. It includes some of the historical story of the life of Geronimo. So I think we should count it as more history.

Friday- Today we took a field trip. We realized a few weeks ago that we hadn’t been to our local museum in a while. We actually have a very nice natural history museum in our town. We used to be members but hadn’t renewed our membership in a while. Our trip today convinced us that we need to renew and go back often. There was a new kids play room with puppets, fantasy play things, and puzzles. There is a newly redone naturalist center with many, many specimens to study. There is a beautiful art exhibit. We could have spent much longer than I planned. I told the kids we would definitely renew our membership and go back more often. On the way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme and used some free donut coupons for a treat, so it was a nice field trip.

So, even though we didn’t have a perfectly planned week, we did have fun. And we had different learning experiences throughout the week. That’s one of the great things about homeschooling!

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