Organize Your Life With Google Pt. 1: A Google Overview

I think it would be difficult for me to overstate just how much I love Google and how much I use it. I’m not a paid representative (but I would be- hint, hint Google!), I just have loved Google’s many, many organizational features for years.

I’ve usually assumed that most internet savvy folks know the wonders of Google and are as enthralled by it as I am. But, in a recent Bible study group, when our topic was internet sites, I was amazed to see how many people didn’t know all of the wonderful things that Google can do. So I decided to write a series of posts to let all of my readers know how I use Google to do so many wonderful, organizational things.

If you are already a loyal Google user, just skip over this post. Or better yet, pass it on to someone else who doesn’t know the wonders of Google. If you don’t already use Google, read along to find out how really wonderful it is for organizing your life, your home, your homeschool, and much more.

Today’s post is just going to give you an overview of some of the great features Google offers. Then I’ll take each feature and devote a whole post to sharing how you can use that feature for many wonderful things.  Back in the olden days (about 20 years ago), I organized my life with day planners. They were usually soft bound notebooks with spaces for calendars, contacts, to-do lists, notes, etc. Sometimes they were bulky- especially the ones with many features. I had to remember to carry it with me. And if I had to change something, I had to erase or cross out! This was not good for my OCD self. When I discovered that I could do all of those organizing things and more with Google, I was ecstatic.

1. Google Search- This is probably the best known Google feature. I love Google’s search engine. I type in any and everything I want to know and get an answer. Really. I have yet to stump Google.

2. Google Calendar– This is my favorite Google feature by far. It not only organizes my day, it has the option to make many calendars of many colors, so we can have the whole family organized at one glance! It also offers a task list. I keep several running lists.

3. Blogger- I’ve tried several blogging platforms, and I continually come back to Blogger. I think it is the easiest and most flexible blog platform I’ve tried.

4. Chrome– This is Google’s relatively new high speed browser. Just as in blogging, I’ve tried multiple browsers, but I keep coming back to Chrome. There are pros and cons with any browser, but Chrome rates the highest in my evaluation.

5. Gmail- I moved my email to Gmail, Google’s email provider, quite a few years ago. I’ve been happier with Gmail than with any other email provider. I like the way my email is presented, and I like the organization features.

6. Picasa– This is a Gogle product that allows you to organize and edit your photos. Again, I’ve tried several of these kinds of programs, but Picasa is my favorite.

7. Google Drive- This is a wonderful office type program with the ability to create, share, and search documents that you can access online from any computer anywhere.

8. And More– At the top of your Google calendar, gmail, or other product, you can see a whole toolbar of other Google options. I’ll point out a few of those that are also my favorites.

If you’re a Google junkie too, leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite feature is!

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