Review of The Discovery of Deduction from Classical Academic Press

One of the extra topics I’ve enjoyed teaching and the older kids have enjoyed learning- for the most part- is Logic. We’ve struggled with the logic curriculum we’ve been using, however, so I was very excited to be able to review The Discovery of Deduction from Classical Academic Press.

PhotobucketWe received The Discovery of Deduction priced at $26.95 and The Discovery of Deduction Teacher’s Manual priced at $26.95. This curriculum is aimed at students in 8th grade and up.

PhotobucketPhotobucketKathryne and Charles (grades 7 and 8) and I jumped right into the book. Right away I noticed that there was more background given about the study of logic than our formal curriculum had given. I thought that the extra information made the study seem more reasonable to them. I also liked that there was a history of the study of logic in the 2nd unit. I think this was missing in our previous curriculum also.

The study of logic is deep and can sometimes be tedious. This curriculum was able to do a good job covering the study of logic while still holding the interest of middle schoolers who often don’t realize the importance of logic as yet another school subject. One of their favorite activities right near the beginning was to watch a clip from a Monty Python movie and analyze the logical argument in the clip.

I appreciate the Christian worldview in Classical Academic Press. I think that is especially important when we study something like logic which focuses on our thought processes.

I would have appreciated tests or at least review lessons throughout the book to check on learning. There are questions for each lesson, but there is not a review section after each unit.

The teacher’s manual was good for the answers to the questions at the end of each lesson, and it does have some additional information. It doesn’t have lesson plans per say. It is more like a student book with answers and a few notes.

I’ve been very pleased with everything we have used from Classical Academic Press, and this was no different. I am happy that we have found a logic program that seems to be a better fit for us, and I look forward to moving on in the book. I noticed when checking out Classical Academic Press’s website that they have some other resources for teaching logic also. The Art of Argument explores various fallacies in arguments. It looks like an interesting one to check out.

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