Review Of Journey Through Learning Unit Study: Astronomy

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I have enjoyed quite a few of A Journey Through Learning’s lapbooks and unit studies, so I was very excited to have the choice of four of their lapbooks and unit studies to review. We received four different lapbooks/unit studies and were able to chose which product to use. I picked the Astronomy and Space unit study. There were also a Letters, Numbers, and Shapes lapbook, The Earth lapbook, and a Knights and Castles lapbook.

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This unit study is designed for grades 2-7 and sells on the A Journey Through Learning site for $13 for an instant download, $14 for a CD, and $21 for a printed copy. We received the unit downloads.

I chose this study to use because I have been studying astronomy with Ashlyne and Rachel this year, and I thought this was a good review.

This study is not a lapbook. It is a unit study with sheets that can be filled out and put into a notebook. I love lapbooking, and while some of our products for review were lapbooks, this one was not.

The unit study is designed with twenty-seven topics. There is one page of information for each topic and then one comprehension or activity sheet. I decided to have the girls fill out and mount each activity sheet that we would then bind together to make a book. So each day, I read the information from two lessons, and the girls filled out each activity sheet after I read that lesson.

Occasionally there were also some activities that went along- not just a sheet to fill out. One of our fun activities involved choosing different shaped objects and placing them on a black sheet of paper that we then set outside in the sun. At the end of the day, we could see that the sun had faded the papers, leaving a design where the objects were placed.

As we finished the unit study, we bound our pages into finished books.

Here are my thoughts about this Journey to Learning Unit:

* I really like lapbooks, and I was disappointed that the unit that fit the best with our study was not a lapbook. The unit study really seemed to have mostly comprehension sheets to fill out. They required a good bit of writing and not very much crafting.

* There is a very large age range indicated for this unit (grades 2-7). I don’t think that the information that was available would be very age appropriate for an older student. My girls- grades 2 and 3- enjoyed it. But I think my 7th grader would have considered it childish.

* Even though the factual information seemed more appropriate for my younger girls, the amount of writing was quite a bit for my young students.

* This unit made a really good review. I’m not sure it would be very complete to have had it as a main study. I would have really liked to have some internet links or book suggestions to make the study more complete. There is a note in the front of the unit that suggests as one method of study: follow up on each topic with internet links or reading. But, there are no links or books suggested.

My girls enjoyed this unit as a review. We have some nice notebooks to review the things we’ve learned about astronomy.

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