Weekly Wrap Up: Holy Week

This week was Holy Week. We watched two really good videos about Easter and Holy Week on Jelly Telly (more about that later). We had a fairly normal school week, although we did take a field trip on Thursday.

One of the most momentous things of the week- Ashlyne is changing gyms. She is our competitive gymnast. We had trouble this summer when she didn’t want to move up to the compulsory levels because of a particular coach. We allowed her to move into a different level, and she has enjoyed her first year competing. It has been difficult, however, for her to continue knowing that she may still be under this coach when she promotes. We made the decision a few weeks ago to change to another local gym. She is excited about it. She had a very good experience with a trial class there, and after next week’s spring break, she will start on their Bronze/Silver team.

Monday was our small science group’s science fair. This year all four kids did a project. Kathryne baked three cheesecakes to determine which method was best for baking. Charles made two batched of fries to determine which process produced crispier fries. Ashlyne baked two batches of cookies to see which method made better cookies. And Rachel examined breakfast cereal to examine its iron content. Do you see a food theme here?  We saw some other great experiments with our group including vision tests, favorite veggie experiments, eye strength testing, ancient battle machines, and types of mountains. Most importantly, we learned more about research and the scientific method.

On Thursday we went to a very nice local exhibit. Passages is a traveling exhibit that shows the history of the Bible. There was no photography allowed, but the exhibit was great. The kids all received a scavenger hunt and an ipod touch with recorded information about the exhibit. Their guide on the ipod was Louis the Lion. Louis guided them with information to solve clues on their scavenger sheet. It also helped them to learn more about the things on exhibit. We saw pieces of the Dead Sea scrolls. We saw a reproduction Gutenberg printing press. The kids got to try writing the Bible- like scribes- and stamping the letters and pictures- like the printing press. They also learned about people who were influential in developing the Bible as we know it- Martin Luther, Tyndale, Gutenberg. I was impressed by how much they learned just following the clues.

Today we flip-flopped our day, doing independent work first, then together work. I had a French student coming over to do an interview with us for one of her classes, and I needed to bake a cake and get the house ready for tonight’s family birthday party for Ashlyne.

This year her birthday and Easter fall on the same weekend. So tomorrow will hold egg dying, egg hunting, and a birthday party.

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