Weekly Wrap Up: I'm Not Sure Why We Call It Homeschooling If We're Never At Home

Last week ended with a trip to Charleston to go to Ashlyne’s gymnastics meet. While we did do regular school Monday-Thursday, I didn’t do a wrap up because we were gone over the weekend. So, this week’s wrap up is really for two weeks.

Last week was Phase 4 of our current history unit- Assyria and Babylon. Everybody worked on their presentation projects to sum up the unit. Kathryne chose t-shirt making this time. Her t-shirts were supposed to show Nebuchadnezzer’s attitude before he became a wild man and after he realized that God was in control. Charles chose to write and perform a puppet show of Daniel and his friends refusing to eat the king’s food. Ashlyne, Rachel, and I did several smaller projects including writing cuneiform on clay tablets.

In our art/picture study we made textured rubbings and cut out the rubbings to make pictures in the style of Diego Velasquez.

On Friday we drove down to Charleston for the weekend. Although Jason and I have visited Charleston many times, this was the kids’ first time to go there. We rented a house instead of staying in a hotel. It was much more cost effective, and we thoroughly enjoyed the house. My mom and sister went with us. On Saturday we fit in some site seeing. We rode the free trolley and walked around down town. We toured the Old Provost Dungeon- one of my favorites. On Sunday we all went to Ashlyne’s gymnastics meet. She did well this weekend. In a group of 24, she placed 4th,4th,3rd, 8th and 4th All Around.

Last week we finished up our 2nd quarter of school, so our new quarter began this week. Because we had a busy weekend and because we had several appointments this week, I decided to take most of this week off of school. We did have our science group, our regular extra curricular activities, several appointments and our Fun Friday co-op.

It is my turn to host science this month, and we are doing our second annual small science fair. This week I reviewed the scientific method and discussed filling out a lab report. In two weeks, we will share our projects with each other.

We had an orthodontist appointment for Kathryne, a physical therapy appointment for Kathryne, an orthopedist appointment for Charles, and a Kidshine planning meeting for me this week. Is it any wonder that I feel like we haven’t been home all week?!

Rachel has begun a new extracurricular activity- ballet. She has been longing to do dance for quite a while. I finally thought to check out our church’s Arts academy offerings and found a ballet class for her! She went last week and this week and love it. I think it is going to be a great activity for her. They stop for the summer, so she can continue to do swimming also.

Today was pajama day at our Fun Friday co-op. I loved being able to wear my comfy, cozy footie pjs when it was so cold going out this morning.

And our wild and crazy week ended tonight with the first basketball game of the tournament for Charles’s end of basketball season. His team won this first game, so that means we have to get to go and watch again tomorrow (at least once).

Whew. Just reading this makes me tired. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep and hopefully sleeping in before we get up and head out to basketball tomorrow.

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