Weekly Wrap Up: Isn't It Supposed to Be Spring?!

I believe that when the groundhog called for spring a few weeks ago, he lied. It started off pretty and warm here at the beginning of the week, but the end of the week has been cloudy and cold. This morning when we headed out the door for our Fun Friday co-op, it was 27 degrees! That doesn’t seem like spring to me.

This week was a fairly productive week. We did have some coming and going that kept us busy, but we also had some good, at home, school work time.

Charles is enjoying working on a computer programing program that I’ll be reviewing soon the the Schoolhouse Review Crew. So far I have wonderful things to say. He’s been reading several (long) chapters of information and following along to learn the programming. This is from a kid who really prefers NOT to read! He’s been able to make all but one of his programs work too. I’m pretty amazed!

On Wednesday, we went to a homeschool day at the museum. They had some great programs planned for us. The big kids saw a planetarium show about the African Serengeti. Charles claims he was traumatized by the wildebeest giving birth, but I think they learned lots. They also did a class about what animals eat. The little girls did a really fun class called Animal Olympics. We went on a hunt around the museum for animal winners in the different Olympic events.

Next week we are hosting a small and informal science fair at our house for our small science group from church. I foolishly waited until Thursday with the intent to take the whole day and let the kids do science projects. Unfortunately, because they all picked cooking related projects, it meant all five of us were in my very small kitchen at once. We did finally get them accomplished, but I will plan better next time!

Today was our Fun Friday co-op, and we had a very neat experience. We had a foot washing to bring the focus of the kids on to Easter week. Each class had a turn to wash each other’s feet in a symbolism of serving each other and a remembrance of Christ washing the disciples feet before the last Passover. The kids seemed a little awkward about it at first, but they all participated even though it was optional. And I think they understood the big picture of what it symbolized.

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