Weekly Wrap Up: The Same Old Song and Dance

I started to begin my post with some statement about how busy we were this week, and I realized that all of my recent wrap ups have begun that way. Maybe that should tell me something.

We should be coming to a slower season of life. Basketball has ended. Charles’s team made it to the second round of championships this past weekend, but they lost and didn’t make it further. They played an excellent second game, and it was really close. Charles has had a great season.  He played basketball for the first time in six years, and he played on a team where everyone was older (and taller) than he. But he learned quite a bit and came a long way. He also learned that he liked basketball and plans to keep on playing over the summer and into next season.

On Sunday we went to Ashlyne’s gymnastics meet. This one was only  about an hour away. This weekend is the state meet and probably her last for the season.

On Wednesday we went to a local play place with some friends from our co-op group. Everyone played- even the big kids. This play structure is super big, and Charles and Ashlyne were at the tippy top.

This week Ashlyne, Rachel and I have been working on an Astronomy notebook that I am reviewing soon for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. It is a really fun notebook, and the girls and I are having a good time reviewing what we’ve learned about astronomy all year.

On Thursday (3-14), we went to our annual Pi Day celebration hosted by a fellow homeschool mom. She teaches at our local college, and the kids had the opportunity to use computers in the lab to look at a geometry program working with circles. After the computer fun and learning, we all ate pie!  The younger crew enjoyed playing online while the big kids worked.

 Charles has been working on a computer program this week also. This is another one I’m reviewing soon, and Charles is using it to learn some basic programming.

 So we’re headed off to another gymnastics meet tomorrow, and I expect that next week will be busy as well.

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