Bible in 90 Days: It's a Wrap- And What's Next

I’ve completed my Bible in 90 days reading for the 7th time! This time seemed much harder to finish. I didn’t have anyone reading along this time. It seemed harder to complete this time, but I am very glad that I did.

Reading through the Bible in entirety is a blessing in so many ways. I am blessed each time I read through the Bible.

Now what? I was pondering what sort of devotion I wanted to do now. I am in my second year of reading through The Voice Bible with a 3 year plan. The Voice is similar to the New Living Translation. I really like the translation, and I am getting lots out of this reading plan.

I also purchased a one year C.S. Lewis devotional reader. I love Lewis, and I’ve long enjoyed reading through his works. So, I’m excited to begin using this devotional.

For the past three years, I’ve read through the Bible in 90 days twice a year. But I think this year that I am not going to read through twice. I am going to focus on three year reading and the C.S. Lewis devotional.

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