Blogging Through the Alphabet: E is for Easter

Blogging Through the Alphabet E is for Easter! (You had to see that one coming didn’t you?)

Yes, I know that Easter is a few weeks past. But I haven’t shared any great Easter pictures yet, and I thought that Easter fit quite well with the letter E. So, here’s to sharing some of our family Easter traditions.

Hiding Easter eggs is still a tradition in our house. We hide eggs and dye eggs on the Saturday of Easter. That way we aren’t running around like crazy people on Sunday morning when we should be focusing on church. This year I hid 80 plastic eggs- 20 per child. We label our eggs with each child’s initial, so everyone ends up with the same amount, and we can easily tell if all the eggs have been found.

I still love to let the kids dye eggs. This year I bought a marbled egg kit. Really, it was the same PAAS dye, but it told you to mix your vinegar with oil when adding the dye tablet. This gave the eggs a very cool swirled look. I boiled 18 eggs, but two cracked. So that left a nice even 16 for each kid to dye four.

On Easter morning, I used a Pinterest idea to make empty tomb crescent rolls. The rolls are wrapped around a cinnamon sugar covered marshmallow and baked. The marshmallow “disappears: leaving an “empty” roll. We do different things for Easter dinner each year. This year we ate with Jason’s family. His mom had small baskets and Easter eggs for all of the grand kids, and we all tried to get some family pictures in. It isn’t easy.

There you have it- some of the Courtney family Easter traditions. And a perfect post for the letter E. You can check out more Blogging Through the Alphabet and link up at Ben and Me.

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