Blogging Through the Alphabet: F is for Field Trips

Blogging Through the Alphabet

One of the best things about being a homeschooler is the field trips. Because the kids aren’t in school we can go when we want, and we don’t have to fight the crowds of kids who are in school.  We have a few recurring favorites and a few trips that have really stood out as great ones.

1. The local natural history museum. It isn’t very big, but it’s always a favorite. Our natural history museum has a large variety of African animals, some local animals, a kids room featuring the works of Vernon Grant (who was a local artist), a planetarium, and some changing exhibits. We usually keep a current membership and go hang out during the day when other kids are in school. Recently we went as part of a planned field trip day with a group of homeschoolers. They did some special classes for us as well as letting us tour the museum.

2. Discovery Place. Besides our small local museum, we have Discovery Place, a much larger and well-known science museum just up the road in Charlotte, NC. As many times as we go, it doesn’t get old. We usually keep a membership to this one as well because the coast for our large family is pretty steep.

3. Imaginon. This children’s library/theater is also in Charlotte, NC. They feature a whole schedule of children’s theater performance throughout the school year. Schools (including our homeschool group) buy up sets of tickets and students can go for much cheaper than the regular tickets. We’ve seen playful shows like Aladdin and more serious shows like a dramatization of Anne Frank and some of her friends.

4. Ripley’s Aquarium at Myrtle Beach. Some people haven’t discovered that all of the Ripley’s sites offer educator’s discounts for homeschoolers who can show proof of homeschooling. That means we get into the aquarium for $6 each instead of $14.99 for kids and $21.99 for adults! We often go when we take our annual beach trip.

These are some of our favorites. We try to pick times that other school kids won’t be around. And we can enjoy going on the spur of the moment. Homeschooling allows us to have some great field trips, and we can go on the spur of the moment and be much more flexible.

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