Homeschooling: It's Always a Good Time

Charles says our family song should be “It’s always a good time..” I happen to think he is correct.

I often have people comment, upon finding out that I homeschool, “I just don’t think I could be with my kids all the time like that.”  What I really want to say- and probably should- is “I don’t know how I could be away from them all the time!”

It is absolutely true. I’m not saying that we don’t have bad days. I’m not saying that my kids are perfect (or that I am!). But, it is true that we have fun. Lots of fun.

We dance to silly videos when we do unit studies.

We “skip school” to go to Come See Me Festival events.

We spend school time outside learning in different ways and learning things we maybe wouldn’t have thought about studying before.

We take really cool field trips to places like Krispy Kreme where we get free donuts!

Yes, we have a good time!  One of the very best things about homeschooling is the fact that I get to spend time, time, time with my kids. We play and have fun. And sometimes we even learn new things.  “It’s always a good time!”

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