Organize Your Life With Google Part 2- Google Search

In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about how useful Google was in organizing, and I gave an overview of all of the useful things one can do with Google. In this post, I will look at one of those things in more detail and show you how I use it to organize.

 Google Search

If you’re really new to computers and to Google, I’ll begin with a brief explanation. A search engine is used to find something on the internet. There are many valuable sites on the web, but it is often difficult to know just what to look for. With a search engine, the user types in a search term, and the search engine lists possible web sites that are matches for the search term.

I know there are many search engines to choose from. And I have used others that I like as well. But Google is my very favorite. I can always find what I’m looking for with Google.

Some people may think that they have to know precisely what they are looking for when they use Google as a search engine. But the user can put in anything from a partial phrase to a question.

In this example, I googled “history material for homeschoolers.” At the beginning of the list will be paid advertisements. Then other sites will be listed.

In this example, I wasn’t as thorough in my search terms. I heard a song that I liked but don’t the song. I only know a part of the lyrics. I can google” lyrics never let go” and see what songs pop up.

I can also ask a question and see what google comes up with. I want to know how to do a French braid. So I asked Google- “how do i french braid”, and I get a whole list of links, some including videos.

On the Google search page, there is also a place to search with a voice command. Beside the box where the search term is typed is a small microphone. You can speak your question into the microphone and come up with a list of possible sites.

The Google search can also be used to find images. If you type “images of…” into the search box, Google comes up with a display of images. Find the image you like and click on it to find the page it comes from. I googled  “images of a ship.”

This ability to search for anything and everything is invaluable to me as a homemaker and homeschooler. The following list is just a sampling of things I can google.

* Recipes
* How to do certain household things- make my own laundry soap, bake bread, clean my shower walls, etc.
* Homeschooling resources- I just google what I need.

Just today I googled “how to remove the sticky adhesive from a bandaid”. And I found a whole list of ways to remove that sticky goo.  Google is amazing.

Enjoy playing with the search engine to find things you need for your household.

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