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Salem Ridge Press Logo photo salemridgelogo_zpsf36e1a99.gif I love classic children’s books. So I was very excited to be reviewing For Merrie England from Salem Ridge Press.

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We received For Merrie England from Salem Ridge Press to read as a review. This book is recommended for ages 8 to adult and sells for $10.95 for softcover or $20.95 for hardback. We received the softcover book.

The story takes place in the 1300s and is about two brothers with two very different life choices. As we learned about lame Tom and his brother- the adventurous Roger- we also learned about England in the Middles Ages and about the growth of the Christian church during this time.

I decided to use the book as a read aloud. It is not a long book, so I decided to let it replace our regular history for two weeks as I read it aloud. It actually took six readings to finish the book.

I wasn’t sure how the kids would like it. Even though I appreciate classic children’s literature, they are sometimes a hard sale. A book originally published in 1890 by a prolific Victorian children’s author wouldn’t normally be their first choice. I was pleasantly surprised.

They truly enjoyed the book. Even though the chapters were fairly lengthy, they always wanted me to continue reading. The book definitely held their interest.

I liked the way that definitions for unusual terms were given at the bottoms of the pages. Occasionally we came across words that were unusual because of this being an older book. The definitions at the page bottoms helped the kids and myself to know what these words meant.

The book was also an easy read. I think my three older children could have easily read it for themselves- even my nine year old. I think my seven year old may have been able to read it.

We were able to learn much about the time period from our reading. Even though we aren’t quite in the middle ages in our history curriculum, this was a good introduction of things to come. There is just the right combination of history and interesting story and church history in this novel.

I consider this classic reader a success. I think the kids would also!

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