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 photo mathriderlogo_zps7d664106.jpg Mastery of basic math facts is very important for higher level math. I’ve been concerned that my younger girls were not fluent in their addition and subtraction facts. So, I was particularly glad to have the opportunity to review Math Rider.

 photo mathrider-product-box-v5-200x209_zpsf141caec.jpg Math Rider is a software download costing $47.  The program can be sampled for free for seven days with a free trial. The Math Rider website does not list an age for the software, but all four basic operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division- can be practiced and modes can be set from easy to difficult. So the game could be appropriate for lower elementary children to upper elementary. There is a story in the game that is more appropriate for young children.

The game begins with a story. The player’s mother is ill, and the player must go on a quest to Mathland to retrieve a cure. The player rides a virtual horse through the game answering problems in order to jump obstacles and proceed through the game.

Ashlyne and Rachel took turns playing the game. They began on the easy level of addition only. The game paces itself based on the reaction time of the player. So it would increase in speed as they increased in speed. Correct answers earn points. If a problem is answered incorrectly or not at all, the games gives the answer and then moves slower.

I really liked the idea of having a story and a quest to make the facts practice more interesting. Some of the facts practice programs I’ve seen just have a rote practice of facts, and they don’t hold kids’ interest as well.

The girls also liked that the story was told in a British accent. The fact that the story was centered around a horse was also a big appeal.

Ashlyne is usually resistant to any kind of timed math practice. She hates speed drills. Her first try of Math Rider wasn’t very successful either. But after a few tries, she did better. And the fact that the program adjusted for the child’s speed was great for her.

I was impressed by this program and intend to keep using it to let Ashlyne and Rachel become more fluent in their basic facts.

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