Review of Sacagawea E-book from Knowledge Quest

 photo 61867_10151551915578243_1408297526_n_zpsc18fa83b.pngI’ve always been interested in the story of Sacagawea. So I was very excited to receive Sacagawea: Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know from Knowledge Quest.

  photo SacagaweaBook_zps004a015c.jpgSacagawea: Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know doesn’t have a recommended age according to the Knowledge Quest website, but I read it to my younger girls- ages 7 and 9. I would recommend it for even older children. There were several things I had to skip over or explain- multiple wives, childbirth, descriptions of drunkenness. The book sells for $3.99 on Amazon, or it can be purchased in four installments for $.99 each.

This book is the story of Sacagawea and her journey with Lewis and Clark’s exploration team. It relates the story of her early life and how she came to be married to her husband and to travel with Lewis and Clark. What makes this book so unique is the use of interactive links throughout the story to give the reader opportunity to learn more about the subject. Throughout the book, certain words or phrases have a link to follow. The link will show a picture or give additional information about the word or phrase.

We received the book as a PDF file. When I tried to send the file to my Kindle, the links didn’t work. But when I “bought” the sample of one of the book sections for my Kindle from the Amazon site, the links worked fine. So, normally, the e-book could be read from a Kindle or other e-reader, and the links could be followed. For my review, I read the book to the girls from the computer.

Reading the Pages
Following the Links
Interested Girls

What I really liked:

1. The book is written as a “living book.” Even though the informational is historical and factual, this isn’t a textbook about Sacagawea. It is truly an interesting story of her life, written as a novel.
2. Having the links to follow was very interesting. There were many things in the story we wouldn’t have known about until we had the opportunity to see them or read more about them.
3. Even though the book had quite a bit of information, the reading level was not difficult. Even a slower reader would be able to read and enjoy the story.

What was not as good:

1. A few of the links didn’t work. We occasionally received the “This page isn’t available” message indicating that pages were no longer available.
2. Some of the links kept showing up again and again in different places. At one point, we saw a picture of a Hidatsa Indian mother and child for the third or fourth time, and Ashlyne expressed her frustration- “Why do we keep seeing this picture again and again?!” Out of all the many, many, many words and phrases linked up, I would rather have seen fewer links but more unique links.

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