Review of Treasure Island Interactive Guide from Progeny Press

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This year Charles began his literature using a Progeny Press study guide for the book Crispin. I enjoyed the format of the Progeny Press guide, so I was pleased to review the Treasure Island study guide from Progeny Press

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This study guide was a little different.  Instead of a written book, this was a download that was interactive. The guide was a PDF that could be filled in and saved.

The Treasure Island interactive download sells for $16.99. It can also be purchased as a CD for $16.99. And it can be purchased as a printed book for $18.99. It is intended for grades 7-10.

The guide can be printed out or used from the computer. The file could also be sent to an Ereader, but it cannot be filled out that way. Charles used the guide because he had just finished Crispin, and he used the download directly on the computer.

Even though Charles wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Treasure Island as a novel, I thought that the appeal of doing the work on the computer might make it more enjoyable.

I had him use the computer to read and fill in the guide. He started by reading the background information that is included in the guide and then doing some of the prereading activities. The questions could be answered in the guide and then saved. The vocabulary words were done with multiple choice which involved clicking on the box beside the term and then selecting the correct answer from a list.

Charles still wasn’t crazy about the story Treasure Island, but there were several things I really liked about the interactive guide and some things that I particularly enjoy about Progeny Press in general.

First the interactive guide:

*I liked that as a download I didn’t have to print out the pages. I saved paper and ink by having him just fill out the guide on the computer and save his file each time.
*Even though Charles wasn’t thrilled because of the story, I think that being able to use the computer for the study guide would appeal to some kids.
*I did wish that the guide could be used on the Ereader. I believe that there is an ipod app that allows the user to fill in an interactive form, but I have a Kindle.

And Progeny Press:

*I like that the study guides include vocabulary, questions, and activities. Charles enjoyed making a map of Treasure Island.

*I like the Christian focus of the Progeny Press guides. Many of the “Digging Deeper” activities require students to look up Scripture passages and use them to relate to what they’re reading.
*I also like that the guides have vocabulary and questions after a set of chapters instead of after each chapter. I think this keeps students “in” the book more and helps them to stay focused on what’s happening.

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