Weekly Wrap Up: Heading Toward an Ending

Every year about this time, I begin feeling the itch to finish up curriculum. I look forward to the homeschool convention, to buying new curriculum, to planning for the summer. I love the warm weather and the nights that are light for so late. I’m not wild about the inch worm invasion we have. But, otherwise, I really love spring.

We are finishing up some things.  We are dropping some of our extras- art, hymn/poetry. We’re planning for what we need to finish and what we are doing for school this summer. This past week was fairly productive.

* Kathryne began another season of volleyball. She played last year for the first time. She’s discouraged because she can’t serve consistently, but I told her I was impressed that she picked up a sport and was trying it even though athletics isn’t particularly her thing.

* Tuesday evening Kathryne and Charles participated in a very cool event at our library- and Iron Chef challenge. They, along with other middle schoolers and high schoolers, had the opportunity to make their own pizza creations which were judged by cooks from a local pizza place. Neither of them won, but we all enjoyed watching- and tasting.

*We had our science group this week. The kids talked about combining elements to make compounds, and they worked on balancing equations and did some experiments with endothermic and exothermic reactions.

* This weekend we had a gymnastics meet. Because Ashlyne changed gyms, the new gym had one more meet. She was able to get in in time, and the meet was local; so we let her participate. She won first place in every event and all around. She also had a great time, and we had fun watching.

This week there are many Come See Me events- our local spring festival. I’m looking forward to enjoying spring more and to moving closer to finishing up some school work.

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