Weekly Wrap Up: Sort of Spring Break

I really didn’t intend to take a spring break this week. Our local schools were on break, but I had refused. Just a few weeks ago, we took a whole week off after our Charleston trip. I’m feeling a little pressure to finish up some curriculum in the hopes that we can end in early May. We have 148 days completed. Our state requires 180. So, I’m very hopeful we can wrap up most of the work by early to mid May. We do school in the summer, but I like to use that time for fun units or for just wrapping up.

Despite my good intentions, we did take two days off this week. Charles was invited to spend the night with a public school friend who was on break, and then he headed down to the campground to spend the night with his cousins who were camping out for spring break week.

I was very pleased, though, because due to all of the extracurricular activities being canceled for break this week, we had so much time for school that we got lots done during the three days we did do school.

We finished reading For Merrie England in history. This was a derailment from our regular curriculum to read a book I was reviewing for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. We really enjoyed it, and I reviewed it here.

We had time for all of our fine arts things this week. We are enjoying watching A Comedy of Errors being performed on this YouTube series I found. (Warning: Shakespeare reallllly has some crude references. My older kids are informed and prepared. My younger girls still don’t get it most of the time.)

We made dot pictures in the style of George Seurat.

We also had plenty of time for the extras like enjoying the beautiful spring weather that finally surfaced this week, playing with little cousins we were babysitting, and hanging out at the campground with cousins.

Next week is back to the grind with regular school and other activities.

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