Weekly Wrap Up: Two More Weeks of Regular School

After this week, we now have two more weeks of regular school left. I gave the kids a “what’s left” assignment sheet. When we finish these two weeks, we will have one week off then a week of Kidshine drama camp. After the first week of June, we’ll start back and do some light school work. I don’t have a unit study planned for this summer. I’m still thinking about what we’ll do. I have a few videos and books I’ve been saving that haven’t really fit in with anything else but that I would love to share with the kids.

This week was our church missions week. The kids and I helped with the missionary kids again this year. We always enjoy getting to know them. It also means less together work for school because we are pretty busy coming and going to church.

We did have science group this week. We looked at some chemical reactions again and tested to see if different materials were acids or bases.

Charles, Ashlyne, and Rachel sang with their choirs two times during this week of missions activities.

Today was our Fun Friday co-op. We only have one more meeting time- May 10th. The older kids have been hard at work on a yearbook this semester. They were handed out today and are great! I’m not sure how I could post pictures of the whole thing, but it was a great chronicle of our year together and all of the special things we did.

Next week should be a regular school week for us, and at the end of next week, Jason and I get to go together to the Teach Them Diligently homeschool convention in Spartanburg. I am really excited!

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