Blog Cruise: Looking Back- What Worked and What Didn't


It’s that time of year in our homeschool. When May rolls around we’re finishing up our book work for this school year and packing away all of those things we are through with. Evaluation of what we are doing takes place all the time, but at this time of year I like to look particularly at all of the curriculum we used and find out what worked and what didn’t.

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What Worked:

1. Diana Waring’s Ancient Civilizations and the Bible– I wish I had found this history curriculum long ago. It has a decidedly Christian worldview. It cycles through the ages in a classical fashion. It includes information for all grade levels. It allows students to choose projects that appeal to them. I cannot say enough good about this curriculum. I loved it.

  2. Apologia Science– I also can never say enough good about Apologia. Again, there is a decidedly Christian worldview here. It is a textbook. but it reads like a real, living book- not a dry list of information. It is deep reading, and the kids learn so much about science. I also love the notebooks that go along with the texts. They are slowly becoming available for older kids also.

3. Crispin and the Cross of Lead study from Progeny Press- Charles started out the year sure he would dislike this literature unit. As the year progressed, however, he found himself really liking the story.

What Didn’t Work:

1. Harmony Fine Arts– My search for an art and music curriculum continued this year, and I tried Harmony Fine Arts after reading praise for the program on another blog. Not everything works for everybody though, as we were again reminded. It was just burdensome for us. It required too much time, and I found myself adapting so much that I was making up my own curriculum anyway.

2. Introductory Logic– We loved the Fallacy Detectives, and I love the idea of studying logic. So last year we dove into Introductory Logic. We continued it this year. But we just found it so ponderous. I reviewed an alternate logic curriculum through the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and I really liked it so much that I dropped the Introductory Logic altogether.

I’ve already gotten our new curriculum for the fall. We’ll school in the summer do ing some special units I want to cover and playing catch up in some basics. Then we’ll be on to the new materials, always evaluating and contemplating what works.

You can drop by the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Cruise here and read about what worked and didn’t for other Crew members. I’m also linking here with Lessons Learned.


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