Blogging Through the Alphabet: H is for Healthy

Blogging Through the Alphabet

 Eating healthier and living healthier has been a goal of mine for quite a while. The food especially has been a difficult thing for me to handle. I thought I might list a few of my favorite healthy eating and living websites for Blogging Through the Alphabet this week.

H is for Healthy

1. Spark People is one of my favorite healthy websites. It is a free site that allows users to sign up, track weight, track food, and meet healthy goals. I’ve used it on and off for many years now, and it is a very good resource.

2. Eating Well has quite a few free resources also. The site offers recipes and a weekly e-newsletter with recipes and ideas.

3. The Gracious Pantry has recipes as well as how to articles about getting started with clean eating. I’ve used it to help me make a healthy eating pantry list and to get recipe ideas.

4. Meal Makeover Moms offers many ideas for making healthy food more kid friendly. They also have a couple of cookbooks that can be purchased, but the information on the site is free.

With all of these resources, you’d think I have this healthy living things down. I’m not sure I will ever be really good at it, but I am learning more and more and hopefully helping my family live healthier day by day.

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