Blogging Through the Alphabet: K is for Kidshine

I realize that I used Kidshine for last week’s letter, but it is so good, and I have so many good pictures, I just have to use it again!

All four kids were in Kidshine drama camp last week- Rachel for her first time and Kathryne for her last. They all had multiple roles.

Kathryne- a puppet, an announcer, and a rhythm instrument

Charles- James Bond, a dancer, an instrument and a rapper

Ashlyne- a dancer and a kazoo player

Rachel- a dancer and an instrument

Every year I think the program is the best I’ve ever seen. This one was no exception. The theme was who we are in Christ- Snoops- detectives looking for the mysterious “Christian.”

The ladies who do these programs do an excellent job of combining great music, humor and spiritual truths.

Here are my Kidshine kids:

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