May 10, 2013-My Most Embarrassing Moment

I don’t get embarrassed very easily. But I do have a rather embarrassing story- one I’ll probably never live down.

Several years ago, my daughter’s best friend had a birthday party. She invited all the kids, and they were very excited. This was a big deal party. We planned for it during all day. The party was at the church. Jason and Charles were already at the church for the day because Jason was working. So I told Jason when the party started, and they were going to meet us there.

When we arrived, I saw several people heading out to their cars as if they were leaving. I was a little curious, but we continued to head inside the church. Charles met us at the door saying something about the party being over. But I still didn’t really get it.

But when we walked inside, I realized it. We had come at the END of the party. The kids were very upset at first. But, thankfully, my friend- the mom- had a little “after party.” The kids still had cake and ice cream and all played with their friend for a while before we left.

The situation was redeemed. But I think I will never hear the end of this particular embarrassing story. It results in good-natured teasing even now.

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