May 12, 2013- Happy Mother's Day Grandmother

Today’s post is supposed to be about something or someone that I miss. It seems fitting that I talk about my Grandmother on Mother’s Day.

My Grandmother died on Christmas Day eleven years ago.

Grandmother was not only my Grandmother, she was often my playmate and friend. There were many weekend nights that I spent the night with her while I was growing up. She was always happy to play- usually school where I was the teacher and she was my student, Crystal Raindrop.

On Saturday mornings, we would get up and hit the local yard sales- and sometimes the trash piles. I’ll never forget the teeth molds we salvaged from the trash. I spent many happy hours playing dentist with my “teeth.”

At night I slept with her, and she would tell me stories about what things were like when she was little. I would keep her story telling long into the night sometimes until I fell asleep.

When I was older, I had the privilege of living right beside her. At night, before I turned out my light, I would look out the window and check on her to make sure her light was off before I went to bed.

I’m very thankful that Grandmother had the opportunity to know my two older children. I wish she had known Ashlyne and Rachel also. I miss her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Grandmother.

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