May 16, 2013- Something Difficult About Life and How I'm Dealing

Something difficult about my life and how I’m dealing with it: This is actually a pretty perfect topic for me right now.

I have fibromyalgia. I also suffer from migraines. The migraines I’ve had since I was young, but the fibro I’ve really developed over the last three years.

The fibro has gotten progressively worse. I take quite a bit of medication. I see a pain specialist. Nothing has helped much.

I’ve been looking at the link between gluten and pain for quite a while. My sister has Celiac’s disease. I know I don’t because I’ve been tested. But I do know from much reading that there is a link between fibro and migraines and gluten intolerance. So I’ve toyed with the idea of going gluten free.

I’ve put it off because honestly I’m a picky person. I don’t like a variety of foods. And almost everything I eat has gluten.

But two weekends ago, I ended up in the ER with the worst body pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I need a change. I need something different.

So last Thursday, a week from today, I went gluten free.

I spent several days starving. Even though my sister has been eating this way for years and I knew what to expect, I just couldn’t find foods I liked that I could eat. It has gotten easier as the days went on. I now have a number of foods that I actually like and that I can eat. And one of the greatest benefits is that I am eating almost nothing processed. I need a minimum of ingredients to ensure food safety.

The good news is- I can tell a difference. I almost didn’t want it to work because I am still often hungry. But I can tell a difference. Yesterday I spent from 11-4 at a local museum; got home by 5; made supper, did laundry, and cleaned the kitchen; then was back out the door for swim. A day like this a few weeks ago would have killed me. I was still in pain yesterday, but it was markedly better that usual.

I’m finding more and more foods and I’m hopeful that I will continue to see even greater results!

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