May 19, 2013- Five of My Favorite Blogs

I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now, and I began because I loved reading other homeschool/homemaking blogs. I still have several that I really enjoy reading.

Semicolon: As a book lover, I really enjoy Semicolon. There are all kinds of book reviews and interesting tidbits about books.

100 Days of Real Food: I’ve been able to find lots of good information here about healthy eating.

Momastery: Home of the Monkees. Glennon posts about being a mom and has such inspiring and encouraging posts. She also facilitates moms banding together so that we help each other in times of need or crises.

Jen Hatmaker: I stumbled upon Jen Hatmaker when I read a book of hers that I was reviewing. Her  writing inspires and convicts. She writes about following Christ in living simply and loving each other.

Small World at Home: This is one of the very first blogs I began reading in my blogging journey. Sarah blogs about their homeschooling, curriculum, reading, and life in general.  I love her photos and her thoughts about homeschooling.

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