May 20, 2013- Something I'm Struggling With

Something I’m struggling with…

To tell the truth, I’m struggling with the idea of homeschooling a high schooler.  I don’t know if it is the very idea of having teenagers. That frightens me and makes me sad when I realize how short our time is.  But it is also the feeling of responsibility for schooling.

When I first began homeschooling, I was pretty confident that I couldn’t mess things up too badly. After all, I had a teaching certificate, and South Carolina is a pretty easy state in which to homeschool.

But in the last two years, as I’ve felt the approach of high school, I’ve begun to worry about it. How will I know what to teach? How will I know what to count as credits? What do I need to do to write a transcript? What if I forget something really important?

In my head, I know that God will provide what I need as I need it. And I know He has called me to continue to homeschool. But, I still worry at times. And I still doubt myself.

My soon to be high schooler

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