May 21, 2013- Some of My Favorite Posts

Today’s topic is a difficult one. I find it hard to name some of my favorite blog posts. First because I like what ever I happen to post about at the moment, so it is hard to determine a favorite from long ago. And secondly because I happen to be my worst critic and think none of the past posts are really worth mentioning again.

But, I do have two main posts- which are page links at the top of my blog, by the way- that I really did like.

First, I wrote a whole series of posts on Getting Started Homeschooling. I linked them all on this page. I’ve talked to quite a few people who enjoy having some information like this as new homeschoolers.

The other post that I made into a page is kind of whimsical. I decided to give myself a “chick” name (more is explained on the page), and I think what I came up with is rather cute. You can read about it here.

Besides those two, one of most popular posts of all time is my Comprehensive Review of Homeschool Planners.  I had fun writing that one also because I’ve tried just about every planner known to man.

So there you have it- a little mix of my favorites and the seemingly popular.

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