May 23, 2013- Important Things (About Parenting) I Didn't Learn in School

1. The idea that children might one day sleep through the night is only a myth. My oldest child is almost 14, and my youngest is almost 8; and I still am often woken up in the night. Nobody told me this would be the case. I assumed I would one day sleep again.

2. Six people don’t sleep well in a hotel room made for four- especially when one of them coughs. All night. Really.

3. A 3 hour car trip takes 6 hours with 4 children.

4. Related to number 3- It is a fact that children will need to use the bathroom immediately after you’ve passed the last bathroom for 100 miles.

5. Turning the heat up really high because I want to cook something faster doesn’t work.

6. Related to number 5- If some of the potatoes in a frying pan are burned, chances are the others taste burned.

7. A family picnic never turns out like the ones on t.v. In real life there are bugs. And bees. And without fail someone will spill something on the picnic blanket.

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