May 26, 2013- Something I Read Online

[I know I’ve been bad about keeping up and have missed three days of Blogging Every Day in May. Perhaps they won’t kick me out.]

Today’s assignment: something I read online. It is hard for me to limit this to one main thing. I read quite a bit online- newspapers, blogs, homemaking websites.

One resource I rely on and read again and again- Plugged In from Focus on the Family.

Plugged In is a website that reviews books, music, and movies that are currently popular. I frequently look it up to form an opinion about movies that the kids want to see. Plugged In has a weekly newsletter that comes to my inbox and highlights new releases in movies and music.

I can’t watch every single movie before the kids see it, and I haven’t listened to every song they want to hear. So I rely on the opinions given on Plugged In. They specifically discuss content of the movies and present information in a mostly neutral way.

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