May 3, 2013- Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

1. Having to list things that make me uncomfortable. Really. I don’t like to share my weaknesses.

2. Confrontation. I hate to confront. I would much rather avoid. If you bring the confrontation to me, then Watch Out! I will take you up on it. But, I would much rather flee than fight.

3. Vomiting. Seriously. It’s a phobia. I hate to read up to the minute updates on Facebook about how many times your child (or you!) has vomited and how bad it is to clean it up. I promise you that I do not need to know that information.

4. Germs. This is probably closely related to number 3. I carry multiple bottle of hand sanitizer, and I am always prepared. You know those germ wipes in the grocery store. I use those too.

5. Reading or watching “dark” things. I think that the supernatural is real around us. I don’t like books or movies that delve deeply into “dark” powers.

6. Pain. Because of fibromyalgia, I am physically uncomfortable much of the time. I try to control my pain with medication and lifestyle changes, but it is there much of the time. And, yes, it is very uncomfortable.

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