May 31, 2013- A Vivid Memory

And so it ends. I successfully blogged (almost) every day in May. And there were no blog police to get me when I didn’t.

Today’s topic is a vivid memory. I can’t think of any more vivid memories than the birth of each one of my kids. The feeling of seeing them each for the first time, for holding them, for talking to Jason about each one, of my sister who was with me each time.

Before the days of digital cameras, I did have some pictures of the each child after birth, but there weren’t very many. We were a little too busy to be concerned with picture taking. Rachel was born after the advent of digital cameras, and my brother in law was kind enough to take some pictures for us.

So, I’ll leave you with those vivid memories.

If you’ve come to my blog during this Blog Every Day in May event, welcome. Please keep coming by. I don’t promise that I blog every day, but I do blog regularly. I share homeschool things and product reviews, and occasionally a giveaway.

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