May 7, 2013- The Things I'm Most Afraid Of

Was it not enough to tell what makes me uncomfortable a few days ago?! Now I have to get to blog about what I’m afraid of! Okay, here goes:

1. Germs. I am very germophobic. I can’t stand the thought of all of those horrible germs floating around. I’m getting a little better. When I had my first child, I carried a can of Lysol everywhere and sprayed everything she was going to touch. Now I just carry a bottle of hand cleaner and make the kids use it every time they touch something.

2. Vomiting. This is closely related to number one. I fear it- in myself, in my kids, in anyone around me. I don’t want to hear you talk about it. I don’t want you to post on Facebook about how many times your child has done it. Please just keep it to yourself.

3. Pain. I never used to fear pain until I began to struggle with fibromyalgia. Now that I know how very bad it can get, I fear it. I ended up in the ER this weekend with some of the worst pain imaginable. I fear that. I fear that it can happen again. I fear that uncontrollable pain that can’t be touched, can’t be mitigated. I fear pain.

4. Cockroaches. In light of some things, this seems trivial. But it is true folks. I am so afraid of roaches. I almost couldn’t stand to look up the picture. I don’t even like to sweep them up when they are dead. I hate them. And I fear them.

5. A prolonged sickness for someone I love. With death, I would at least have the assurance that they were with the Lord. But I feel real fear when I consider that one of my loved ones could have a long illness that involved suffering for them. I can’t stand to see those I love suffer.

So there it is- my top five. Join in on the blogging at Story of My Life.

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