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 It’s difficult to believe, but I will have a high schooler in my homeschooling this year. I’ve been a little nervous about entering the high school world, so I was very excited to review High School Prep Genius from College Prep Genius. The book is designed for high school students or rising high school students and sells for $29.95.

 photo Untitled-1_zpsac2e8af4.jpg Kathryne was quite excited about this book also. She is all about getting ready for high school.

The book is set up in sections detailing what should be done each year of high school- including some information for after the middle school years. The book is meant to be read and used by students. After each section, there is information for the parent.

I had intended to assign the book as reading for Kathryne, but I didn’t have to assign it. She devoured it and immediately began using it to complete the recommended steps. The book guides the student in setting up a college notebook as well as preparing the student for what to expect in the different high school years. There are quite a few checklists and charts for recording classes taken, colleges visited, extra-curricular activities, etc. The book details what the student should be doing in each semester of each grade to be properly prepared for college.

The book isn’t particularly designed for homeschool students, but most of the sections are applicable for either traditionally schooled or homeschooled students, and occasionally there is a particular reference for homeschoolers.

I can definitely recommend this one. As a parent, I felt that I knew more about what to prepare for in the high school years. Charts and checklists are right up my alley, and my firstborn child is the same way. The book was a great way for her to begin to realize what to expect in the coming high school years and to begin preparing and thinking ahead.

I have one caveat. I do not think every student should or will go to college. This book is definitely geared toward students who are heading in the direction of college. Some of the information will be valuable and helpful regardless of what is done after high school, but there is some information here that it is just relevant for preparing for college. This is something to consider as you consider what path your student may be on.

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