Review of Luke's Life List and Luke's School List

I don’t think it is any secret to anyone who knows me, but I love lists. The more lists for school, the better.  When I saw two books with the word “list” in the title available for review, I jumped at the chance.
  photo joyceherzog_zps3c5942dd.jpgJoyce Herzog has these two books available- Luke’s Life List and Luke’s School List. Both books come as a printed soft cover book for $30 each.
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Both books use the concept of an IEP, an Individualized Education Plan. When I was a teacher of special education, we were required to write an IEP for each special ed student each year. The plan looked at what each student’s goal for the year were, and it gave tips to individualize each child’s educational experience.

Luke’s Life List is based off of Luke 2:52 and covers the categories of Early Childhood, Wisdom, Stature, Favor With God, Favor With Man and Adult Life Skills. Each category contains lists of life skills and important life lessons that kids should know. Parents can check off skills that their children have obtained.

Luke’s School List takes the same idea and covers the major academic subjects. Each subject contains lists of skills and columns to mark whether the student is working on the subject or has mastered the subject. You as the teacher can mark the lists for the student or older students can mark the skills they’ve mastered.

I am a lover of lists, and there were many things I liked about Luke’s Lists. These lists can be used as tool for lesson planning as well as for a portfolio to indicate student achievement.

1. I love the way the skills are based off of Scripture and include skills that indicate spiritual growth.

2. I love the idea of an IEP. I always thought an IEP was a really good idea. They are only used in special education in public schools, but all kids can benefit from a personalized plan for their education.

3. I like the way that there are various “levels” of achievement to indicate the level at which the skill is being learned or mastered.

I really wish that I had found these lists when I was first beginning to homeschool. If I had I would have purchased a book for each child, and I would have kept the lists as a record of our schooling.

I am too far in schooling to really do this now. I think that it would be difficult to go back far enough to check off all of the skills, and my obsessive, compulsive nature prevents me from starting halfway through.

For myself, I will use these as a reference for what I should be teaching and what I should ensure that each child knows or can do.

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