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Art has never been my strongest subject. I’ve long enjoyed it but never been especially good at it. My children love art, however, so I’ve always struggled to find a good way to teach them different art techniques.  When I had the opportunity to review a DVD from See the Light, I was excited to see if they liked it.
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 I chose Shipwrecked, a DVD that uses the story of Paul’s shipwreck on his missionary journey to Rome to teach three different art techniques- chalk art, creative lettering, and mixed media drawing. The DVD sells on the See the Light site for $14.99 and is recommended for ages 6 and up.  I received the DVD for review, but there are various materials required to complete the lessons that were not included. The site details any needed materials as you browse titles. I used this with all of the kids- ages 13, 12 9, and 8- and I joined in and completed projects also.
 photo storeshipwrecked_zps3e6bce4f.jpg I was excited about showing my children the demonstration of chalk art with a story because when I was growing up, we had chalk artists come to my church several different times. I loved seeing their works of art grow as they talked and played music. When the drawing was complete, the lights were turned off, and the black light lit to reveal the hidden scene, it was magical.

The story, told and drawn, is age appropriate even for younger children. Although the recommended age for the art projects on this DVD is 6 and up, even younger siblings will enjoy watching the chalk drawings and seeing the story revealed.

There are three lessons to complete and each lesson is demonstrated by a teacher on the video. There is chalk art, creative lettering, and drawing with mixed media. Each lesson uses a black light (purchased separately) for a secret reveal at the end.

Here are some things we liked:

* I liked that even younger siblings could join in watching the story on the DVD. All of my children were old enough to participate in the lessons, but I could see the benefit of being able to included younger ones at least in part of the lesson.

* I liked that the teachers often gave times for the students to pause the DVD and gather supplies or catch up with a particular technique.

* I liked that the instructors often said something along the lines of “Yours doesn’t have to look just like mine.”

* There was a good variety in the lessons that were offered. Different techniques, different projects- the lessons varied, and I think the kids enjoyed trying new things.

Things we didn’t really like:

* The kids sort of obsessed with getting everything exactly right. I thought watching a teacher do it would be reassuring. Instead it seemed to make them nervous and disturbed when theirs weren’t “right.” The teachers’s reassurances (mentioned above) helped a little, but there was a HIGH level of frustration.

* There were quite a few materials needed, and a few of them were not common things that I would have on hand but were specialty things I needed to buy. It did seem as of some of those things were used in some of the other DVDs. So, if you were going to do many of the lessons, you would probably be reusing those things- like the black light and florescent pencils and chalk.

* It was difficult for me to do this with the varying age levels I had. I think it would have been easier if I had split them up and had older kids and younger kids watch and work separately. The younger kids really could do it. It was age appropriate. But I think some of their frustration came because the older kids kept having to slow down and the younger kids were struggling to keep up.

* I made the mistake of sharing all supplies. This also added to our frustration as everyone had to wait for some of the things to be passed around. Even though it would cost more, if I were going to really continue to use this as an art curriculum, I think I would make sure everyone had their own or at least we had a few more to share.

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