Review of Simplified Pantry Books (Meal Planning and Home Organizing)

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 If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you may know that I love anything to do with home organization. You may also know that, while I love planning, meal planning is actually the bane of my existence. So this review of books from Simplified Pantry was right up my alley.

Right away I opened up the Simplified Dinners: Gluten Free/Dairy Free because I’ve begun eating gluten free to see if I notice a difference in my fibromyalgia and migraines. We also had the opportunity to review the original Simplified Dinners and the Paperless Home Organization books.  These books sell as eBook downloads. Simplified Dinners: Gluten Free/Dairy Free- $12.99; Simplified Dinners- $12.99; Paperless Home Organization- $3.99.

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Meal planning has often not worked for me for several major reasons:
1. I like to buy meat on sale and use it instead of planning meals and then buying meat.
2. I coupon, so I keep a stocked pantry, and I would rather cook out of my pantry than buy items to make a meal.
3. Our afternoons and evenings very in busyness, so I need to be able to adapt what I’m cooking to fit something that comes up for the day.

The Simplified Dinners plans are perfect for me. Mystie breaks meals down into several main categories. Within those categories, she gives a basic recipe, then variations on that recipe. She gives readers a basic pantry list, so that I can shop coupons and keep my pantry stocked with those items. Many of her meals can be done in a slow cooker. This is a lifesaver for me because when we have evening activities, and I know we will be home late, I like to have dinner ready and waiting.

For example one section is slow cooker chicken. There are six different ways to cook slow cooker chicken using the same basic methods and just changing up what goes in the sauce. I love this because I buy frozen chicken when it is on sale. Now I can schedule a “crockpot chicken” night and just add whatever sauce I happen to have ingredients for. She also suggests some recipes for sides. And all of the recipes in the gluten free book either substitute gluten free flours or don’t call for ingredients that would contain gluten.

The Paperless Organization book was one I could have/should have written. I realized years ago that the traditional home binder didn’t work for me because I like to store things digitally. In Paperless Organization, Mystie outlines basic applications that can be used to create a virtual home binder. She describes how to use each one and really simplifies the process. Even though I’ve been doing a form of this for years, I picked up a few new ideas. If you’ve never considered digital home management, this would be a great book for you. Mystie tells why digital home management is a good idea and describes the basics for even the newest users.

These books would be a great addition to any home organization library.

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